Apple Orchard.jpeg

Grandpa's Apple Orchard

Grandpas Apple Orchard is all the beauty of the perfect day contained in a candle.This wonderful candle is a warm red that is not only nice to look at but the cold and hot throw of this candle is very inviting.  If you enjoy the taste of a sweet, crisp, juicy McIntosh Apple, you will fall in love with Grandpas Apple Orchard.

Peach Trees.jpeg

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler is simply peach. This lovely candle containing chunks of peach melts with whipped was on top would look great in any room and/or office.  The fragrance of this candle will make you feel like you just bit into a fresh peach right off the tree.

Mountain Air.jpeg

Mountain Air

There is nothing like the refreshingly light fragrance of Mountain Air. This candle will give a very nice, clean, crisp scent for any room in your home and/or office.   Mountain Air is a white decorative candle with small rocks.  This candle is very nice to look at and the fragrance is absolutely wonderfully light and refreshing.

Blackberry Cobbler.jpeg

Blackberry Cobbler

The best Blackberry Cobbler on this side of he Mountain. This beautiful candle has all the essence of grandma’s cobbler.  This candle is white with purple chunks, topped with white whipped wax for the appearance of whipped cream and tiny blackberries in the whipped topping.  With the smooth scents of wild blackberries, Jasmine and warm vanilla.  This candle is beautiful to look at and the fragrance is yummy for any room in your home and/or office.

Handchurned Vanilla Ice Cream.jpeg

Hand Churned Vanilla Ice Cream

Grandma's hand churned vanilla ice cream never lasted long. So get in line. When I say there is nothing like it in the world, I mean nothing. Now it can be enjoyed in a candle. All the richness of vanilla bean and butter cream. Enjoy this lovely candle in any room in your home and/or office.

Otis Cucumber and Mint.jpeg

Cucumber & Mint

There is just simply nothing better than a nice, cool glass of ice cold cumber & mint water. Not only is this fragrance refreshing but it is also stress reducing.  Nothing like coming home to a clean, refreshing atmosphere.  This lovely candle will compliment any room in your home and/or office or give to a loved one who needs relaxation.

Night Owl.jpeg

Night Owl

Night Owl is a wonderfully romantic fragrance. The same old owl watching us kids as we played freeze tag in the dark.  Some would have called the owl creepy but not me, I was amazed that night after night this beautiful white owl would take his position on the post.  This candle is a wonderful, elegant fragrance.  For an evening of pure magic, you will love the alluring fragrance of Night Owl.

Tree of Cherries.jpeg

Trees of Cherry

Yes, let there be cherries. My Grandpa, when I say he could grow anything, I do mean anything.  So, with that being said, I had to have a candle in memory of the old cherry tree.  This fragrance is simply magnificent.

Nothing like a romantic dinner for two or more, a wonderful glass of wine and this heavenly scent to cap the evening off.  Trees of Cherry is like having a glass of wine in a candle.

Sunday Morning.jpeg

Sunday Morning

Orange juice and Sunday sunrise. And Sunday morning was always a must.  This brilliant candle is a great way to start Sunday and every day.  This fragrance is soft as a Sunday breeze but awakening at the same time.  With scents of golden honey, toffee and soft white musk, you will love Sunday morning.


Lilies of Coopers Mountain

Beautiful, delicate and soft were the Lilies of Coopers Mountain. This candle is not only wonderful to look at but is also a very clean, refreshing fragrance. 

Although the fragrance is a flower, its not over powering at all.  You will love this sweet fragrance in any room in your home and/or office.

Black Tie Optional - 2.jpeg

Black Tie Optional

This fragrance is just right for that special man in your life. The wax that is used for this candle is a tunneling and sparkling wax that is back in color.  The truly romantic fragrance that this candles gives off is beyond wonderful.  You will love this candle for any dinner party or just a relaxing night in.

Stormy Night.jpeg

Stormy Nights

Thunder roaring, lighting strikes nothing better than Stormy Nights. While with a hint of strength, Stormy Night is a very subtle romantic fragrance. Hues of amber and musk, Stormy Nights is an absolute must!

Spring Blossoms.jpeg

Spring Blossoms

The landscape on the mountain was always beautiful and spring time was the best time.Not only were the cherry trees ripening, but the floral pageantry was always an added plus. Spring Blossoms is a very soft, refreshing fragrance that will brighten any room in your home or office.

Crispy Pears.jpeg

Pears, Pears & More Pears

There is nothing like a crisp vibrant pear. What more can be said about this fragrance other than it's a burst of fresh air. With hues of pear, this fragrance is sure to refresh any space. 

Morning Rain.jpeg

Morning Rain

Morning rain is a light, energizing fragrance that will brighten any day. This crisp fragrance has scents of honey dew and sandalwood. It is great for any room in your home or office. 

Grapes of Wine.jpeg

Vines of Wine

The very best wine, from the best grape vines. Grandpa’s grape vines were none like any other. Succulent, sweet and flavorful are the best words to describe this wonderful fragrance. This fragrance is great for any room in your home or office. 

Weeping Willow.jpeg

Weeping Willow

Weeping willow is as light and airy as the tree itself. With the wispy fragrances of white lilly, violet, patchouli, and sandalwood, you will love Weeping Willow for any room in your home or office.

Grandpas Garden.jpeg

Grandpa's Garden

You name it, my Grandpa Otis could grow it. Grandpa's Garden is a wonderful tomato leaf fragrance. This fragrance will give you all the comforts of home. It is especially great for kitchens, patios, and sunrooms. 

Sliced Watermelon copy.jpeg

Homegrown Watermelon

Whether enjoying family time or relaxing by the pool, there's nothing like fresh watermelon. Homegrown Watermelon is a wonderful fragrance with all the comforts of home.This invigorating fragrance is great for any room in your home and/or office.

Strawberry Cake.jpeg

Strawberry Cake

All the sweetness of home, baked into a cake. Fresh, ripe strawberries, sugar cane, and warm vanilla bean will have you wanting fresh berries of spring. Strawberry cake is a great fragrance for any home.

Sadies Apple Butter.jpeg

Sadie's Apple Butter

Sadie's apple butter was the perfect addition to her fluffy homemade biscuits. This is a fragrance every home should experience. This warm scent is a mixture of fresh baked apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar.