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Growing up for the most part in southern Ohio and in the mountains of West Virginia, is where my beloved company name has its origin.  I absolutely loved spending my summers and most major holidays with my grandparents Otis and Sadie, my aunts, uncles and later, my cousins.  My grandparents owned and lived on a mountain that is now called Coopers Mountain (named after our family).  Everything we ate, my grandparents grew.  My grandfather had a true green thumb.  He could grow anything.  We always had the best peaches, apples, pears, grape vines and wild blackberries.  We had the sweetest watermelon and strawberry patches.  And what he and my grandmother grew, we ate. My grandparents and the rest of us had to help with gardening along with tending to the animals.  My grandfather Otis raised chickens, hogs and at times, cows.  Because of all my fond memories of Coopers Mountain, I named my candle business, “Mountain Mama Candles and Treasures”.  You will find that each one of my creations are lovingly named after a true memory of life on the mountain.  It is my hope that I can share my wonderful memories through my candles, each time one is burned.

Bernadette Burge
Owner & Creator
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